Shields’ Bought a Home!

This was our first home purchase , and the process couldn’t have gone better or smoother. Throughout this process, Shelby gave us clear, comprehensive, and timely guidance to navigate the home search, offer and negotiation, inspection, and financing. First, using an in-depth questionnaire, Shelby helped us to quickly nail down the qualifications of our perfect home. Using these parameters, she narrowed the search to 3 houses (!), allowing us to find our perfect home with very few house tours. Shelby then expertly navigated the negotiation process with a final price that we felt very comfortable with, and then using the fantastic inspector she recommended, we were able to negotiate the necessary fixes to the house (there were very few!). We also followed her advice on choosing a local bank that processed our home loan quickly and efficiently, allow us to close in 40 days, despite new rules making the process take twice as long if we had used another bank! All in all, Shelby made what could have been a very scary, somewhat murky process of buying our first home feel easy, safe, and right. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor.